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Your Bus, Bus Driver and Tour Guide will be provided by Pertabax. 

Petrabax is a full service travel organization specializing in the Iberian Peninsula. They offer quality escorted tours and independent travel services: hotels, local services, rental cars, rail tickets and more to Spain, Portugal and Morocco, as well as other countries in Europe, the Middle East, the Orient as well as Latin America.

The price of the tour is based on 20-24 guests. We must have a minimum of 20 and will not take more than 24 so the trip is enjoyable for all. Our Deluxe Motor Coach holds 40 so everyone has ample room to move about.

 All prices in Petrabax Group quotations are in U.S. Dollars based on number of travelers per vehicles and include all taxes (except airport/airline taxes and fees and cruise line port (harbor) fees).    The current rates are based upon current market value at time of preparation. Rates are subject to change at the discretion of Petrabax (increase or decrease) if exchange rates change more than 2% prior to commencement of contracted travel EVEN THOUGH THE GROUP MAY BE UNDER DEPOSIT.  The tour operator's planning and operating expenses are included.


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